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II Kings school of ministry is designed to equip 5 fold ministry gifts with a sound Theological and Revelatory foundation in the Word of God. Our greatest passion is to produce a generation of Kingdom ministers who are grounded in truth and endowed with power that will develop and mature the body of Christ globally to fulfill the Kingdom assignment given to the church by Christ Jesus.

Application Process Required to Enroll

Please read the enrollment qualifications, course topics and fee information below in detail before submitting your application.

Enrollment is for one year; classes are held once monthly via Zoom. 

Qualifications for Enrollment:

  • Licensed Fivefold Minister

  • Ministers In Training for Ministerial Licensing 

  • Minister of Music or Intercessors 

Subject Overview:

  • Preology

  • A Garden Theology

  • The History of Israel

  • Contrast in Covenants

  • The Dispensation of Jesus 

  • The Kingdom Age 

  • The Pauline Revelation

  • Holy Spirit & The Gifts of The Spirit

  • Birth and History of The Church

  • End of The Age

  • Apostolic Foundations


Practical Ministerial Training:

  • Defining The 5 Fold

  • The Anointing

  • The Assignment 

  • Ministerial Ethics

  • Administrative and Financial Management 

Fees / Tuition / Donations: 

  • There are no application fees or tuition to enroll in the school of ministry. 

  • All giving will be as led by the Holy Spirit. 

  • All financial gifts will be tax deductible. 

*Access membership application from dropdown menu under II Kings tab.
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